Bill McLean 
         Jazz Harmonica

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Bill's Bio

Bill McLean (in his own words)

Best known I suppose for my playing and arrangements with the Original Harmonica Band.

My professional background spans more than 50 years -- beginning with Alex Novelle and his Harmaniacs in 1958.  Throughout my career I have played in every venue imaginable including: radio, TV, concert halls, night clubs, hospitals, prisons, military bases, shopping center openings, schools, picnics, weddings, etc. etc.

Throughout my career I have met and performed with many great and famous people including: Bob Hope, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Johnny Ray, Donald O'Connor and many more.

My favorite music is jazz.  That's when I am most able to appreciate the talent that God has given me.  I feel like that's when He takes over and plays through me.

God bless you all! I hope this helps you to know me better.


1958-1960 Alex Novelle and                               His  Harmaniacs 

1960-1964 The Harmonica                                     Rascals

1964-1969 The Upper Set                                      w/ Richie Miller

1971-1972 Johnny Puleo's                                   Harmonica Gang

1978-1980 The Original                                         Harmonica Band

1971-1972 Fringe Benefits

1972-1975 The Tribe

1975-1976 Clean Cookin'

1975-1976 The Mouth

                       w/ Eddie Gordon

1977-1980 Nuance                                                  w/ Hal Gordon

1981-1991 Kansas      

                       City Southern